(Preview) This Local Makeup Artist Creates the Scariest Halloween Looks

Chyla Guerrero shares her terrifying makeup secrets.

by Steph Sison
Oct 26, 2016

As the night of terror comes to a close, Halloween fanatics are getting frantic in getting their costumes tailored to perfection. But if you’re a costume crammer, maybe you should take notes from professional makeup artist Chyla Guerrero and put the spotlight from your clothes to your face instead.

Chyla is a self-taught professional makeup artist who specializes in wedding, advertorial, and editorial makeup. A graduate of Industrial Design from the University of Santo Tomas, Chyla worked as an exhibit designer before learning how to do makeup professionally. But unlike most makeup artists, Chyla is also gifted in special effects makeup. Below, she shares her experience and even some tips that you might find useful for Halloween.

Hi Chyla! How did you get into special effects makeup?

"I started doing special effects makeup four years ago, also on Halloween season, because I wanted to do special effects makeup on myself and post them online. The year after that, people would already book me to do their makeup for Halloween and the rest was history. I get asked to post video tutorials but I felt uncomfortable since I was used to being behind the scenes all the time."